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The 10 Best Sustainable Newborn Clothing Brands

Sustainable clothing is important for babies, perhaps even more than it is for adults. Babies are especially vulnerable to harmful chemicals because their bodies are still developing and they have extremely sensitive skin.

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Mai Toyokawa Reinvents Vintage-Inspired Fashion

"I’ve always had the passion to make the world a more comfortable, accepting place to live in for anyone. To make it happen, we need diversity and inclusion EVERYWHERE. Ironically, the timeless, vintage fashion industry I fell in love with completely lacked diversity. It’s very Eurocentric, and you never see an Asian girl wearing vintage-style outfits except for the oriental vintage style. I took that as my calling."

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Eva Wikner Models a New Way to Think about Aging

“Many women dream of having a different look, but they are too shy or afraid of what other people will think. I’m happy to inspire them and encourage them to be themselves and trust themselves. Many women are afraid to take photos of themselves, but you learn a lot about yourself by looking at photos and you see yourself in a different way..."

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Be True to Your Values and Style with Stylist Jenna Flood

“It’s easy to duplicate something you see in a magazine. But interpreting a look and putting your own stamp on it is a skill that will make you more confident. And, this experimentation will help you find and evolve your style.”

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