Luxury Garment Protection Preserve What You Love

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Your clothes tell a story of what you love and what you believe in. And we believe in helping you protect that story in an exquisite way

Organic Cotton Hanging Garment Bag - Long

Long Organic Cotton Hanging Bag

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Organic Cotton Hanging Garment Bag - Short

Short Organic Cotton Hanging Bag

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Organic Cotton Sweater / Clothing / Linen Storage Bag - Large

Large Organic Cotton Storage Bag

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Organic Cotton Sweater / Clothing / Linen Storage Bag - Extra Large

Extra Large Organic Cotton Storage Bag

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A Better Way to Protect and Organize Your Clothes

More than just basic storage, our garment protection designs offer an elegant and effective way to preserve your fragile clothing items, so you can don your favorite coat or dress without a moment's hesitation.

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The Comprehensive Guide on Caring for Linen

Linen has several features that make it a popular sustainable fabric. In addition to being very durable, linen wicks away moisture from your body, giving it a cool, airy feel. And, the more you wash your linen, the softer and more absorbent it becomes.

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Which is Better: A Steamer or an Iron?

Whether you are a fashion novice or a fashion enthusiast, we can all agree that wearing wrinkled clothing is not ideal if you want to project a polished, stylish image. What we may not all agree on is how to achieve that look. Some people prefer to use a steamer,...

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Is It Necessary to Wash New Clothes?

Shopping is a favorite hobby for many, and the rush that comes from bringing home bags of new clothes is hard to match. But what about after you get home

There is some debate about whether you should wash new clothes before wearing them. And while there are those who think wearing new, unwashed clothes is harmless, there are three compelling reasons why you should reconsider.

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The 5 Best Ways to Store Jeans

After you have selected your preferred method for storing jeans, you can organize them further by sorting them by style, color, thickness, brand, and more. Depending on how many pairs of jeans you own, and how frequently you wear them, there are endless storage options that can work for you. If you find it hard to choose only one, pick out a couple of your favorite methods and experiment with each to see what works best for your lifestyle. 

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Our Story

From statement pieces to staples, your clothing deserves to be wrapped in love. Hayden Hill is redefining garment protection to ensure your clothing items are always ready to play a role in your beautiful life story.

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Luxurious Preservation

Preserve the beauty of your wardrobe with our sustainable garment protection made with organic, soft cotton, and silky organza. Designed to keep pests, moisture, and light damage at bay.

Functional and Elegant

Our designs are long-lasting, beautiful additions to your wardrobe. Unlike other clothing protection options, sheer panels allow you to see your pieces easily while still providing the ultimate protection against the element.

Sustainable and Inspired

We believe in taking care of our environment by using organic cotton, biodegradable and recyclable packaging, and ethical manufacturing practices. Through thoughtful production, supply chain, and transportation, we strive to leave a small carbon footprint.

A Legacy of Delight

Your experience matters to us. Each step - from product innovation, manufacturing, and delivery - is created to offer more than just product satisfaction, we're here to make sure every touchpoint is exquisite.

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