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Our Ethos

Our Values are Luxury & Sustainability

Our mission is to provide you with quality products that are elegant, functional, and made sustainably. Hayden Hill's products are made from durable, high-quality materials - the antidote to throw-away consumerism.

Take care of the clothes you love with garment protection that lasts.


We use certified 100% organic cotton and sustainably sourced leather in our garment storage bags. Minimizing the use of unnecessary inputs through organic farming reduces our environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Carbon Footprint

Fighting against climate change through offsetting our climate impact is critical, which is why we work with Carbon Fund to ensure we are part of the transition to a clean energy future.

All of the Hayden Hill products receive a full lifecycle carbon analysis. This lengthy and detailed process helps us continue to lower our carbon footprint and move toward being a regenerative business that doesn't take from the earth, but gives back.

People Matter

We have personally visited our Sedex audited factories where our products are produced to ensure our manufacturing practices are ones you would be proud of. By using certified organic cotton and leather through Leather Working Group approved suppliers, we can be reassured the working conditions, treatment of workers, and absence of child labor in our upstream supply chains is monitored.

Environmental Giving

Hayden Hill is a committed philanthropic partner to 1% for the Planet. We believe in putting our investments where our passions lie and for us that means donating 1% of our revenue to environmental nonprofits to assist in environmental protection and regeneration.

Feel good about your purchases

When you buy Hayden Hill you're helping to support 1% for the Planet, GOTS, Carbonfund.

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