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Long Organic Cotton Hanging Bag

58 inches long x 24 inches wide

Take care of the clothes you love with garment protection that lasts.

Perfect for your dresses, gowns, and long coats.

The Look

Each garment bag is handmade in small batches using the softest, long-staple organic cotton. We add gorgeous piping and finish all internal seams stitching. Your closet has never looked so luxurious and coordinated.

The Feel

Made from soft, high-quality Certified Organic Cotton, with a 238 thread count, our garment bags delicately protect your precious fabrics.

The Function

Our side-on organza panel allows you to identify what's inside while it hangs. The carefully designed overlapped top opening reduces the likelihood of access for clothes moths. And the detailed piping allows the garment bag to hold its shape in your closet.

  • Our Long Hanging Bag will handle most coats, dresses, and gowns. The 58 inch drop will hold up to five full length dresses or three coats, depending on thickness

  • 58 inches long x 24 inches wide
  • 4 inch gusset with organza side-panel
  • See-through panel made of non-toxic nylon, has not been chemically treated
  • Created from the softest organic cotton with a 238 thread count
  • Robust zipper
  • Internal seams are finished to prevent loose threads
  • Carefully designed overlapped hanger opening to reduce clothes moth access
  • Removable zipper pull produced in a Leather Working Group-certified factory
  • External piping to hold shape in your closet
  • Patent Pending

  • At Hayden Hill, we do things differently, which is why this product's life cycle is entirely carbon neutral
  • Made from soft, high-quality Certified Organic Cotton

  • Designed and developed in the UK
  • Produced in India in small batches to ensure the highest quality
  • Luxury products at a price you'll love

  • Take off the removable zipper pull and turn the bag inside out
  • Wash on a cold wash with a mild detergent and with like colors
  • Spin and hang dry, do not tumble dry
  • To minimize wrinkles, shake the bag after washing and before drying
  • If desired, iron on a low heat setting avoiding contact with the organza side-panel

Functional & Elegant

Our designs are long lasting, beautiful additions to your wardrobe. Unlike other clothing protection options, sheer panels allow you to see your pieces easily while still providing the ultimate protection against the elements.

woman holding a Hayden Hill organic cotton long hanging clothes storage bag over her shoulder

Quality & Convenience

With a 4 inch wide gusset this Long Garment Bag makes it easy to store your treasured pieces safely without creasing. As an alternative option we have our Short Hanging Garment Bag for the storage and protection of shorter dresses, jackets and coats.

a short and long Hayden Hill organic cotton garment bag hanging from a door

Sustainable & Inspired

We believe in taking care of our environment by using certified organic cotton, biodegradable and recyclable packaging, and ethical manufacturing practices. Through thoughtful production, supply chain, and transportation, we’ve been certified carbon neutral. Good for you, and good for the environment.

Hayden Hill's sustainability credential for 1% for the planet membership

The Best Long Garment Bags for Storing Your Valuable Dresses and Gowns

If your closet is filled with luxury brands such as Zara, Dolce&Gabbana, Jason Wu, and Yves Saint Laurent, then it’s important to take steps to protect your investments.

Proper storage is critical to maintaining your valuable pieces, and the best way to store your couture evening gowns, dresses, suits and tuxedos is in high-quality, long garment bags.

Why Store Your Clothes in a Garment Bag

Though it may be one of the smaller spaces in your home, your closet likely holds the most high-value items. In addition to the valuable jewelry and shoes your closet may contain, it also holds designer evening gowns, suits, a variety of dresses, and sharp tuxedos, which all require special care and storage.

A hanging garment bag can provide the perfect solution for storing your formal and delicate clothes so they will remain in pristine condition when not in use. Hayden Hill garment bags are specifically designed to provide maximum protection and your favorite dresses, suits, and gowns will not be damaged by dust, wear, sun exposure or pests.

Though some people store special clothing in plastic dry cleaning bags, it is not a good idea. Plastic bags trap moisture, and because they're made of petroleum, they can release gas, which can discolor your clothing.

Long Garment Bags Protect Clothing from Dust

When you have a full closet of clothes, it’s nearly impossible to wear every item enough to keep it from collecting dust. And, though dust seems harmless, dust particles are quite sharp and can cut and tear into materials, which is why all items not worn often should be stored with care in short garment bag.

Long Garment Bags Protect Clothing from Pests

When clothes are placed in long-term storage without proper precautions, they can become vulnerable to pests, and one of the most destructive pests is moths. Wool coats, silk shirts, linen dresses, suits, leather jackets, and other items made of natural fibers are very attractive to moths.

It’s important to store valuable items in durable, heavy-duty, yet breathable cotton garment bags to provide the best protection for your clothing.

Types of Long Garment Bags

Garment storage bags are available in a variety of materials, fabrics, and sizes, and finding the right one for your pieces can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for.

A high-quality long garment bag is one that:

  • is made of 100% organic, breathable cotton
  • protects your clothes from damage
  • is optimal for long-term storage
  • is chemical free
  • fits at least to 3 long dresses
  • allows you to easily locate a particular item
  • is a beautiful addition to your closet

Hayden Hill Long Organic Cotton Hanging Bag

Hayden Hill extra-long garment bags are made from 100% organic cotton and feature a sheer, organza side panel so you can see your pieces while in storage.

Our 58-inch clothes hanging bags can accommodate the heaviest evening gowns to the lightest slip dresses. And, with a wide, four-inch gusset, they can hold up to 5 dresses or any variety of long garments with room to spare.

The piping detail keeps the bag in an upright position and holds its shape so your clothes do not wrinkle or crease. In addition to being machine washable with detachable zipper pulls, Hayden Hill long garment bags offer your most treasured items superior protection – they protect clothing from dust, light, moths, mold and condensation.

High-Quality, Long Garment Bag

Garment bags are a must-have for any wardrobe to keep your designer and high-end pieces of clothing in pristine condition so they can last for years to come. Choose Hayden Hill garment bags for storage that is worthy of your wardrobe.

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