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14 Ethical Silk Alternatives

If your goal is to make more ethical fashion purchases, one of these silk alternatives may be the ideal option for you. When choosing an alternative, it may be best to decide what factor is most important to you: cruelty-free, cost, synthetic vs. natural fibers, etc. That will help narrow your options and give you a starting point for finding your perfect silk alternative.

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Top 10 Plastic-Free Household and Beauty Products

Eliminating all plastic use may feel overwhelming, but every small step you take in a new direction counts. Consider all the ways that you could go plastic-free at home and start with those that are simple, convenient switches. As you gain momentum, it will be easier to make more difficult changes. The health of our planet is worth the work.

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10+ Eco-Friendly Wool Alternatives

Wool is one of the most popular fabrics in colder climates. In fact, during winter months, wool sweaters, dresses, and coats are must-have items for many women, because these wool garments are breathable, moisture-wicking, and warm. That’s why it’s so important for animal rights supporters to find an equally likable alternative to wool.

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Be More Sustainable with Zero-Waste Laundry

Switching to more sustainable and zero-waste laundry practices may seem overwhelming. However, by evaluating your current routines, replacing conventional with more sustainable goods, and changing your laundry habits, you can significantly lessen your environmental impact.

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