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The Best Skirt Type for Your Body

Chanel’s design liberated women from the discomfort of heavy and long skirts. Now, they had a much more comfortable garment, made of lighter materials and of a length that allowed for easier, more fluid movement. This new design opened the door for many different types of skirt styles that followed.

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Top Fashion Cities Around the World

A city is referred to as a fashion capital if it has a major impact on the fashion industry. The biggest fashion houses and the most famous designers will have stores, production houses, and ateliers in these cities. The city will also host fashion weeks and fashion shows, as well as exhibitions, award ceremonies, festivals, and trade shows for the industry.

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Athleisure Offers Comfort and Style

Today it’s acceptable to clothe yourself in a way that makes you happy and comfortable, without the pressure to dress elaborately every day. This new norm can best be seen in our love for athleisure fashion.

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Be True to Your Values and Style with Stylist Jenna Flood

“It’s easy to duplicate something you see in a magazine. But interpreting a look and putting your own stamp on it is a skill that will make you more confident. And, this experimentation will help you find and evolve your style.”

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