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How To Unshrink Merino Wool

When you have invested in your wardrobe and want to extend its longevity, caring and storing it properly is critical. Read this article and follow the steps to salvage your Merino wool garment.

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The Differences Between 100% Cashmere and Cashmere-Blend Fabrics

100% Cashmere vs. Cashmere Blends - what is the difference between these two types of fabrics? Are these cashmere blends completely without merit? Should you always choose 100% pure cashmere over a blend? Read our article to find out.

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Does Dry Cleaning Remove Odors

Dry cleaning may be your preference for your clothing, or the only option for some precious garments. However it doesn’t always guarantee removing stubborn smells. Let’s look at some at-home remedies.

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How To Store Cashmere

What are the best methods of storing cashmere sweaters? Once you understand how to store cashmere sweaters and other cashmere garments properly, each of these steps will transition seamlessly into your normal laundering routines.

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