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8 Winter Accessories Every Woman Needs

Looking for the perfect winter accessories that are fashionable and functional? Sometimes finding warmth and style can be a bit tricky, so we recommend having two of each accessory category– one that is more practical and one that is stylish.

a woman dressed in a pom pom beanie, thick woolen gloves and a scarf to keep out the cold

In winter, accessories are critical for staying warm in cold weather and participating in outdoor activities like skiing, sledding, and snowball fights.

If you truly want to be prepared for any winter event and occasion, accessories are a must. And, to ensure you have the most options to pick from when shopping, it’s best to buy accessories at the beginning of the winter season.

Before heading out to the store, take a look at this list to make sure you have all eight winter accessories that every woman should own.

8 Best Winter Accessories for Women

Looking for the perfect winter accessories that are fashionable and functional? Sometimes finding warmth and style can be a bit tricky, so we recommend having two of each accessory category – one that is more practical and one that is stylish.

  1. Gloves
  2. Balaclava
  3. Hats
  4. Winter socks
  5. Scarves
  6. Boots
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Handbags


If you plan on spending more than a couple of minutes outside in cold weather, gloves are a must-have. Keeping your hands warm will make your entire body feel warmer.

But, different types of gloves have different purposes. The gloves you would wear to ski are not the same as those you would wear to visit a friend.

Knit gloves

Knit gloves are great for keeping your hands warm, and, as a bonus, they are soft, cozy, and come in many different colors. Knit gloves work well with casual outfits and provide light warmth.

Leather gloves

a woman wearing black leather gloves, checking her watch

Leather gloves add an air of sophistication to any outfit. They can be worn to the office or a social event and pair well with a dressy coat. For extra warmth and luxury, consider cashmere-lined leather gloves.

Waterproof gloves

If you will be participating in a snowy activity, it is best to buy waterproof and insulated gloves. The ideal snow gloves will allow you to easily grip your phone or ski poles while keeping you warm and dry.


A balaclava is a great option when you want to keep both your head and neck warm without having to layer a hat and scarf on top of your coat. Balaclavas come in a variety of styles and colors, so experiment until you find one that matches your preferences and needs.


If you enjoy wearing hats, then winter is likely one of your favorite seasons. While you may wear a hat in other seasons to cover up a bad hair day, in winter, you can wear a hat to keep your head warm or to add unique style to an outfit.


One of the most worn winter accessories is the classic beanie. The beanie adds warmth without distracting from your clothing. Beanies are incredibly versatile; they can be dressed up or dressed down. You can opt for neutral colors like gray, navy, or black, or make a bold and colorful statement with a bright color like red, green, or yellow.

Pom-pom beanie

The pom-pom beanie is a fun spin on a classic beanie. You can choose to color-coordinate with your outfit or wear a different colored pom-pom beanie to add a pop of color.

Ear muffs

a woman wearing patterned ear muffs looking out on a scenic sunset

Ear muffs have been around since the 1870s, and it’s no wonder they are a go-to winter accessory for many women. They come in all shapes and sizes; some are incredibly soft and fluffy, while others are minimalistic. You can also pair ear muffs with a beanie or over a balaclava for extra warmth.

Faux fur hat

Another stylish addition to your winter collection is a faux fur hat. These hats are fashionable and come in a variety of shapes and colors. Pair this with a long coat and ankle-length boots for a chic look.

Winter Socks

Warm socks are a necessity in winter. Wool and cotton socks are the most common types of winter socks. And, if you will be participating in an outdoor activity, it is best to wear wool socks since they are moisture-wicking and insulating.


Scarves are a popular cold-weather accessory simply because of their versatility. You can wrap them around your neck, around your head and ears for an extra layer of warmth, or simply have the ends dangling effortlessly. There are many ways to style a winter scarf, and as long as you stay warm, you can’t go wrong.

There are a couple of special types of scarves you may want to consider adding to your winter wardrobe.

Neck warmer

Neck warmers are similar to scarves. A neck warmer is a tube of fabric worn around your neck for extra warmth. You put them on by pulling them over your head, rather than tying them like a scarf, so they are best worn with a casual hairstyle such as a ponytail.

a woman keeping warm in a pale brown wool neck warmer and padded coat


A snood is a cross between a neck warmer and a balaclava. It can be worn multiple ways: around the neck like a regular scarf, over the head for a bit of extra warmth, or over the lower portion of your face paired with a hat for maximum protection from the cold.


Boots are a staple in winter. There are various styles and materials to choose from. Most women want a variety of boots for their winter wardrobe. We recommend evaluating your winter activities and clothing and choosing boots that pair well with your lifestyle. If you spend a lot of time in the office or at social events, dressier ankle and knee-length boots may be best. If you live in a snowy climate or ski often, waterproof and insulated boots are a must.


Sunglasses aren't only reserved for summertime. In fact, sunglasses are essential on a bright, sunny day after the snow has fallen. You can pair sunglasses with any outfit to protect your eyes, and, at the same time, express your unique personality.


When the temperatures drop, it’s time to transition your summer bags to darker-colored and more durable winter handbags. Here are a couple of types of handbags that work well in winter.

Crossbody bag

You can't have a complete collection of winter accessories without a crossbody bag! Not only does it make any outfit appear put-together, but there is an air of sophistication that surrounds the wearer. Whether you like small and cute crossbody bags or prefer a larger accessory, as long as it's big enough to carry your essentials, you're good to go!

a woman sporting a crossbody bag

Faux fur bag

If you love faux fur or want an eye-catching accessory, a faux fur bag may be for you. A faux fur bag adds interest to a simple, casual outfit like a sweater and jeans. And, faux fur bags can be found in a variety of colors and styles to coordinate with any outfit.


What are clothing must-haves in winter?

The most common clothing worn in winter is outerwear garments like jackets, hats, scarves, gloves or mittens, and earmuffs.

What do you wear inside in the winter?

The best type of clothing to wear indoors during the colder months is clothes that will retain body heat. Fabrics like wool or silk will hold more body heat than cotton. Opt for fleeces, thermal socks, tights, and winter leggings to stay warm indoors or outdoors.

How do you accessorize in the winter?

The key to escaping the biting winter chill is layering. Wear multiple layers so you can adjust your outfit and stay comfortable whether you are outdoors in the cold or indoors in a heated room. The best accessories for winter are those that provide extra warmth such as gloves, hats, and scarves.

All of these winter accessories are beautiful and practical. But, before buying any new accessories, the first step is to consider your climate, your lifestyle, and your existing wardrobe. Decide what you need most for the winter season and invest in high-quality items that will last many seasons. Buy accessories that you truly love and you will stay warm and fashionable throughout the winter months.

a toddler in the snow, wearing a cozy woolen red bobble hat and scarf

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