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Gabrielle Jones Creates Her Dream Life in Front of the Camera

Gabi’s dream is to tell stories and entertain people, and she has found a creative way to do that. Her story encourages us all to never give up on our dreams, whether that’s starting a Tiktok channel, acting from the stage, or starting a new business.

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Neat Nathalie Improves Mental Health One Home at a Time

“An organized space creates peace of mind and mental clarity. The spaces we create are not only beautiful, but they make homeowners proud to have friends over. It gives them more time to spend with family. For example, when you have an organized closet, it simplifies your mornings. You know what you have and what you can wear. In an organized kitchen, you know where everything is at.”

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Rebekah Bashorun Expresses Creativity Through Home Organization

“Everyone needs therapy for their home, and it isn’t just about having the functionality of a professionally organized home. Wellness includes connecting with yourself and your family. Your home is your first sanctuary, where you feel seen and figure out your place in the world. A home that is well-decorated may not feel like home. Home goes beyond the actual things inside.”

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Pia Thompson Declutters Her Life and Helps Others Do the Same

“It’s beautiful to watch clients embrace themselves and remember who they are through their stuff. It can be quite emotional to let go of old versions of yourself. But it is a beautiful process, and I am happy and grateful to take people through it.”

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