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9 Reasons You Should Wear Lightweight Wool This Summer

Wool is naturally associated with warm winter clothing, blankets, gloves, and hats. However, very few people know of the benefits of summertime wool wear. Wearing lightweight wool on a summer day will not make you hot. In fact, wool absorbs moisture from a humid environment to create a drier environment. 

 a woman wearing a light brown ribbed wool sweater leaning on her balcony railing

In many regions, summer means warmer temperatures and humidity. On the hottest days, people often reach for their cotton, linen, or silk clothing. All of these are smart picks because they are breathable and lightweight.

But, one fabric you may not consider wearing in the summer is wool. Though typically you may think of wearing heavy wool pieces, such as coats and sweaters, lightweight wool is ideal for summer wear.

9 Advantages of Wearing Lightweight Wool in Summer

The advantages of lightweight wool, also known as tropical wool, are significant and numerous.

1. Wicks Away Moisture

Merino wool can absorb up to 35% of its weight in moisture. This quality makes wool fiber one of the most hydrophilic natural fibers. It actively absorbs sweat from the surface of your skin, and then releases it into the air by evaporation. Because of this moisture-wicking ability, merino wool can even help keep you dry in light rain. Wool can conduct heat and wick moisture away from the skin; in comparison to cotton, which does neither. What this essentially means is that merino wool may be a better choice on a hot summer day than cotton. The wool will leave you feeling cool and dry, whereas cotton will absorb the moisture from your perspiration and settle it back on your skin.

 a woman sitting on a dock by a lake with an umbrella

2. Regulates Body Temperature

Merino wool is commonly referred to as a "living" fiber. This fiber is actually an active fiber that responds to both external and internal temperatures, including your body temperature. The merino fiber continuously gains and releases heat, which regulates the temperature to keep you from feeling either hot or cold.

3. Minimizes Sweat and Odor

Lightweight summer clothes which are made of wool minimize sweating on the body, resulting in reduced body odor. Furthermore, wool traps odors, so less odor spreads from the garment itself, keeping you smelling fresh even on your most active days.

4. Ideal for Summer Suits

Since wool is the most popular natural fiber used to make fitted suits, lightweight wool makes the perfect material for a summer suit. Many designers offer tropical wool suits that are slightly stretchable, ensuring your favorite summer suit will maintain its shape throughout the day. Working professionals do not have to sacrifice style during the hot summer months or while traveling.

5. Offers UV Protection

It is a well-established fact that sun exposure causes wrinkles, fine lines, skin pigmentation, age spots, and is one of the primary causes of premature aging. Not to mention that excess sun exposure increases the possibility of skin cancer. Tropical wool is known to absorb UV rays and offers a natural UV protection factor of 3+.

6. Requires Less Washing

a wooly sheep with its eyes closed

Wool is an innate product, naturally enriched with self-cleaning qualities. This ability comes from lanolin, a natural fat found in the wool fiber. When sheep are wet, a reaction occurs between the lanolin and the sheep's natural, basic salts from perspiration, resulting in a natural soap that cleans the wool. When this wool is converted into a shirt or a pair of socks, we benefit from this natural cleaning. As a result, wool products do not require frequent washing. In fact, they are better off being hung after wearing so they can breathe for a day.

7. Works Great as Activewear

One of lightweight wool's most important natural qualities, in addition to its moisture-wicking ability, is its softness. Choosing this type of wool for your workout attire may increase your comfort and health. This fabric's protection against moisture, combined with its soft touch, will leave your skin feeling less irritated and less exposed to prolonged moisture, which will prevent bacterial buildup.

8. Retains Its Shape

Wool can stretch to roughly 70% of its natural length before springing back into form. This means that even after years of stretching, wear, and cleaning, wool retains its shape and will accommodate your body naturally no matter what activity you do.

natural wool fibers in woven baskets

Wool is also far more durable than other materials, which extends its lifespan. Wool fiber is like a small spring that restores shape after being distorted, which makes the fabric naturally wrinkle-free. Its fibers are also extremely robust and tear-resistant.

9. Distinct Look

Lightweight wool comes in a variety of colors, fits, and styles, so there's something to match everyone's taste and fashion.

And, Merino wool, which is most commonly used for summer wear, has a distinct texture that adds dimension to an outfit.

Tips for Wearing Lightweight Wool in Summer

If these advantages have convinced you to incorporate tropical wool into your summer wardrobe, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Check Your Winter Storage Unit

If you've already packed away your winter clothing, you might want to re-open those storage containers and garment bags to see if you have any wool items that could be used in the summer. A light wool blanket can be ideal for a picnic or to keep handy in an air-conditioned house. A lightweight wool cardigan may be a good complement to a summer dress and prove useful on a brisk summer night.

Find the Right Pieces

After accessing what you already own, it’s time to add a few classic, lightweight wool pieces to your wardrobe. The most popular tropical wool pieces are suits, jackets, pants, and dresses. You could also buy tropical wool undergarments, which can be worn all year round.

Embrace Color and Pattern

a woman on the beach wearing a pale blue sweater

When including wool in your summer collection, it's always a good idea to have a few key pieces in natural tones (black, cream, gray) that can be worn with everything. However, occasionally, you want a brighter look, so for those occasions, make sure you include at least two colorful wool fabrics that will make your outfits pop.


1. Does wool make you hot?

Wool is naturally associated with warm winter clothing, blankets, gloves, and hats. However, very few people know of the benefits of summertime wool wear. Wearing lightweight wool on a summer day will not make you hot. In fact, wool absorbs moisture from a humid environment to create a drier environment. This means that wool helps to keep your body warm in the winter and cools you down in the summer.

2. Do you sweat in wool?

Contrary to popular belief, lightweight or tropical wool can help keep you dry and cool. Wool is a natural material that absorbs sweat and allows it to escape as vapor. It's great for keeping your body temperature in check, and it may be worn all year round. And, wool's innate ability to draw moisture away from your skin decreases body odor.

3. Can you wear a wool skirt in the summer?

The short answer is, yes, you can. However, before choosing a skirt for summer, make sure you have the right kind of wool. The best choice is lightweight, or tropical wool, which will keep you dry and cool and isn't limited to only skirts.

4. What kind of clothes will keep us comfortable in summer?

Breathable fabrics that absorb sweat rather than trapping it should be your first choice to stay comfortable on hot summer days. Choose clothes made of natural materials like lightweight wool, cotton, linen, or silk.

a close up of two people holding hands in a corn field

In hot humid weather, we all choose the lightest, most breathable fabrics available. Though your first thought may be to wear cotton, silk, or linen, you can now add lightweight wool to your list. In addition to the many benefits for the wearer, wool is also good for the environment, as it is natural, biodegradable, and renewable.

Hayden Hill is also deeply committed to the environment. Our bags are made of 100% organic cotton certified through GOTS, which also guarantees the ethical treatment of workers. Hayden Hill delivers sustainable and beautiful garment care to preserve and protect the clothes you love most.

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